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SHAZAML! Problem Solved.


We can help design, develop, and deploy your voice application (or skill) for any Amazon Alexa device.


Let us move your solution to the cloud using the many services available in Amazon Web Services or Azure.


Custom application development or software modernization for the Web, hybrid-mobile, or IoT. Specializing in AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Vue.js, .NET, and Twilio.


Continous team improvement and 8 years experience with Agile and Scrum across 20 project teams.

A Short Story about Shazaml Design

As a company, Shazaml Design, LLC markets its own mobile and voice products as well as is available for staff augmentation and consulting services. If you are in need of modernizing your software on a current JavaScript stack, want to move to either the Amazon or Microsoft cloud, need to prototype an idea, or require traning in software development or Agile, then contact us.

Shazaml Design, LLC was created in 2010 as a way for founder, Mark Tucker, to explore technology and work on innovative projects. SHAZAM! is an exclamation used to represent an instantaneous transformation. Mark believes that by staying current with technology and embracing Agile principles, companies can make quick and suprisingly successful improvements. Mark's passion for designing and prototyping software from the User Experience to the application architecture led him to include the word design in the name. Thus was born Shazaml Design, LLC. Remember that Shazaml rhymes with mammal and camel.


Mark Tucker

Experienced Application Architect with full stack experience primarily in Microsoft technologies including C#, ASP.NET MVC/Web API, Azure, and SQL Server as well as 5+ years of experience in web and hybrid mobile development using JavaScript, REST, AngularJS, Ionic, and Vue.js. With 22+ years of software design and development experience, including 5+ years leading software development teams and 8 years practicing Agile & Scrum, Mark is prepared to contribute to team success as an application designer, architect, developer and mentor.


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